Prize Bond Rs. 750 List Draw 89 Hyderabad Result 17 January 2022

On 17 January, 2022 the result of Prize bond Rs.750 will be announced. The official of National Saving has confirmed the news that the draw 89 list will announce as per schedule on January 17 2022.

The luckiest one will be received the 1st prize money of Rs. 1,500,000 PKR, the second lucky one will be awarded with Rs.500,000 and the third winner of Prize Bond Rs.750 will be received the prize money of 9300.PKR on result day 17 January, 2022.

Check Result Prize Bond Rs. 750  List Draw 89 Hyderabad 17 January 2022

Bond Worth



First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Rs 750






FAQs about Prize Bonds in Pakistan

Q. What is a Prize Bond?

The prize bond is the bearer of investment security issued by the National Saving of Pakistan. Prize Bond does not give any premium of profit

Q. What are the denominations of Prize Bond in Pakistan?

In Pakistan 8 types of prize bonds, you can say that 8 types of denominations of prize bonds are available in our country. The prize bonds in Pakistan are Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and Rs.40000.  

Q. Who issues Prize Bonds in Pakistan?

With authorization of Finance ministry the National Saving is issuing all the prize bonds in Pakistan.

Q. What is Prize Bond Schedule of 2022 of Pakistan?

After every 15 days there’s one draw of prize bonds take place and the national saving has had already issued the details schedule for prize bonds for 2022.

Q. How Can Claim Prize Bond Prize?

Simply, the winner may visit the any national saving center along with the CNIC and original prize bond after signing the Claim Form he/she can get the prize money from the national saving center in cash.

Q. What is the highest Prize on Prize Bond in Pakistan?

The highest prize is 80,000,000 offered on Premium 40,000 Prize Bond and after this the second highest prize is 75,000,000.

Q. Can we Buy Prize Bond Online?

NO, National Saving of Pakistan has no online mechanism to sell prize bonds online in Pakistan.

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